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Invitation to the blues :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 1
Beat Control
Turn on the radio
all I hear is blah, blah, blah
and gaga ga
The words lost to the beat
and we greet the deciet
with a smile on our faces
content to be without content
somewhere along the way we lost the plot
and we've been bought
by the industry..which is the system
But I will not be sold
I will vent and dissent
against this world of many
controlled by the few
who try to block our view
Just look over the wall
and you will see it all
though your eyes may burn
you will learn
What is true..
:iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 1 0
the herd
I find it hard to live with myself
Everything is staying static
In this democratic oppression
economic suppression
why am I here?
What's freedom without a voice
or a choice?
It get heavier and heavier
bringing me down
they're all just clowns
wrapped in uniforms and suits
robots on the march
content in their complacency
but I will not compute
I will shake them
I will shock them
just to reach them
:iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 0 3
My left foot ID :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 10 0 Blondie :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 0 0 My left foot :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 4 0
It's only me
In a foreign land
Outside my home, outside my mind
I met a man and he asked me
Do you like it here?
I convinced myself and told him
What he wanted to hear
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe everything's fine
Maybe, just maybe, it's only me.
They say I can be more
Not just someones whore
I fell like an outline
A sketch of what I really am
I don't know what I want
But I know it's mine
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe everything's fine
Maybe, just maybe, it's only me.
Maybe, just maybe, it's only me.
:iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 2
oh my TVC15 :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 0 Joan Jett :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 3 Piece of cake :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 0 0 a fox :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 1 1 Exploration :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 0 Skies a fire :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 17 2 Take to the skies :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 16 7 ominous skies :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 0 Secret Garden 1 :iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 3 0

Random Favourites

Dowsed by the vineyard’s kiss, a moment’s clarity far from bliss
Gazing with the third eye’s sight, wills me to tear free from blight
I knew little and now less but know that there is no redress
From plight but the final flight, a free ocean just out of sight
Dreamers and believers sing and sigh for their conceptions and die
In my silhouette I begin to comprehend that we are here to block the light of the sun till its descent
Delineation through the deduced has man reduced to redundancy
Edified by notions and emotions
Buy, feel, rub and tug, then write about it a blog
Humanity pounded into dust, people but its bust
Divinity I beheld you in my mind and so there you remained confined
Never to attain sovereignty a proof of people’s true poverty
Eviscerated thoughts and emotions solidified as beliefs and devotions
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 1 1
Leon The Professional :iconvectorolon:Vectorolon 8 9 Hello there :iconmrcool256:mrcool256 203 182
Mature content
Gracious Heels :iconwandeclayt:Wandeclayt 106 5
The kidnappers :icondarkvenuspersephonae:DarkVenusPersephonae 163 10 Seduction Noir :icondarkvenuspersephonae:DarkVenusPersephonae 286 33 iJump :iconreggiegram:reggiegram 1 0 Zombie Self :iconsergefoglio:sergefoglio 64 104 Cowboy Noir :iconmikeroutliffe:mikeroutliffe 4 4
Mature content
Creature II :iconwandeclayt:Wandeclayt 37 4
Cyberpunk - Chapter Three
She had dark circles under green eyes.  Full lips in regular contact with an exploratory tongue. She circled him; a taut, predatory animal. She threw her arm forward like a whip, aiming past her target and tightening her arm at the point of impact. He bore the nausea of her fist tearing through floating rib and striking ribcage. He fell to the ground. Pulling the gear off his head, he held his injured parts. She straddled him and slapped him playfully on both sides of the face.
"It always seems so real. I swore the damage was permanent."
"How can you forget it's a game idiot", she teased?
He grabbed hold of her outstretched hand and stood up with a grunt. He leveraged her arm behind her back and pushed her into the wall face first. She struggled and laughed as he tore open her pants and fucked her from behind.
     Aglow and sweating, they stepped out of the heated chamber and into a corridor. They threw their destroyed clothes into the incinera
:iconmikeroutliffe:mikeroutliffe 1 4
Cyberpunk - Chapter Two
He walked into his cell. He was looking for something larger, but real estate was hard to come by. Stepping into his Immersive Interface Chamber (IIC), he attached brain and body hook-ups and stood ready....Ready for a vacation, but he didn't have the money to leave the planet. Today he needed an entheogenic trip. Not that looking at the faces of his own projections was a traditional vacation, but it would do. Fingers of sound touched his body softly, building to a frenzy. He jaw-clenched a smile as the rhinoceros buzz smashed into him.
His world inverted, the shadows became solid and the real world became shadow. Gradually these polarities were reversed to normal and the new perspective moved in to skew dimension. Objects with definite corners seemed to grow curves, while spherical objects grew sharp edges. The walls were alive. Breathing deeply they developed a wet pink organic luster. Time sped up and slowed down. Malevolent gelatinous creatures swam around him threatening as he
:iconmikeroutliffe:mikeroutliffe 3 16
Remember me 3... :iconsergefoglio:sergefoglio 42 74 Slumber party :icondarkvenuspersephonae:DarkVenusPersephonae 107 19


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Q Arian
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Current Residence: Japan
Favourite genre of music: the type with good sounds
Favourite photographer: Anton Corbijin


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2009, 9:03 PM

Well, while I was backing up files (applications, games and art) I lost a bunch of my vectors :( Including Oscar-Meyer Multi-Exabyte (which I intended to do more work on, To boldly go and a new piece I was working on. I am very cross indeed. :pissedoff:

  • Listening to: myself think "fuckin' 'll ", Adam and th
  • Eating: Smokes
  • Drinking: Coffee and Chai



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